Below you have some idea to spend your free time.

Rafting on Olt river

If you are eager to grow your adrenalin level you should try out the rafting, which is very safe in boats of 8 persons. We provide all suitable outfit. The difficulty level of the rivers is between WW I and WW VI, WW I- easy level, WW VI- practicable level. The difficulty levels of the tours that we organize are between WW I (not difficult) and WW II (not too difficult). For a harder level experience and good condition is required.

Paragliding tandem flights and training courses

We offer tandem flights from the ridge of Hasmas Mountains in Hasmas National Park, and from the local ridges and mountains (Ciuc and Postavaru area). There is no prior experience necessary for a tandem flight. Age is not a factor. We can get just about anyone up on a tandem flight. We also offer 1 or 2 Days Introductory Paragliding Lesson.

Hiking tours on rocky rims of Bicaz Gorge

Taking our classic active vacations one step further, we’re pleased to provide 3 exciting adventures for the avid hiker. A hiking tour with Transylvanian Adventures will open up a whole new world of discovery. You won’t believe the places we can get to only by foot! What’s out there? Come find out!

Mountain bike tour in Giurgeului mountains, Hargita County

We’ve taken one of our most popular adventures and created an introductory trip perfect for first time mountain bikers. This trail provides an awesome introduction to singletrack and views will surprise you and encourage you around each turn.

Transylvanian Dog Sledding Adventure travel at its best

Have you ever dreamed of dog mushing, dog sledding, or a Transylvania adventure travel vacation? Do you enjoy pristine wilderness as far as the eye can see, the thrill of majestic mountain scenery, wildlife up close, few people, and you don’t want to rough it too much? Then read on, you’ve come to the right place.

Snowmobiling in Transylvania Hargita mountains

For your winter vacation, plan on cruising through Hargita mountains snow covered landscape on snowmobile and enjoy incredible views and precious wildlife.

Ice climbing in Bicaz-Gorge

Wintertime at the Bicaz-Gorge is an excellent time to try the vertical world of ice climbing. Our step by step approach ensures professional instruction in the art and technical aspects of ice climbing.


Airboarding is a high-tech twist on traditional winter sledding. Riding an Airboard is similar to riding a bodyboard in the ocean. The Airboard is inflatable and has grooves on the underside that allow riders to make sharp turns and stop quickly in the snow. Unlike snowboarding, airboarding doesn’t require a lot of equipment and it’s very easy to learn. Try the Newest Snow Sport – you’re sure to get air!